Saturday, September 11, 2010


"Rakista" is the Filipino term for a group of people who appreciate and promote rock music. For me personally, a Rakista is one who utterly embraces and embodies the uncompromising spirit of rock. One such Rakista I know is my brother. He plays or has played with a lot of rock bands, such as The LRRB (Little Red Riding Balls - during his highschool days), KIDJA (during his college days and also when this band joined the 1st Nescafe Soundskul contest), and M.O.S. (Minute of Silence – wherein the band members are our neighborhood friends) are just some of his gigs.

I took some photos of him for our basic photography class. I told him to bring his guitar so that I can paint him as a RAKISTA via my camera. Here is my interpretation of this unholy matrimony of photography and rock music.


alvin said...

Thanks sis!
Good Job!

billy panopio said...

ayus ayus..