Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2011

Hot Air Balloon Festival was held last February 10-13.We went at the event on a Saturday morning at around 2AM so that we would be able to arrive at the area before the flight of the balloons starts.

Our group decided to have an overnight stay at Oasis Hotel in Clark so we would be able to rest after the morning activity and be able to get back for the Hot Air Balloon Night Glow. So here are my photos of the event. Hope you'll like it. Thanks.


Wine Country Ballooning said...

Hope the festival goes well. we are hoping that Wine Country Ballooning can put on a festival in australia soon.

bustedsheet said...

Hi.. yup the balloon festival went well.. but the weather was cloudy and windy.. so other balloons wasn't able to fly.. good luck on your balloon festival.. :D