Monday, March 21, 2011

Southlight Photography Workshop: Strobist

"Strobist" refers to images taken by small, portable off-camera flashes. Shot where natural or continual light are the only source of illumination are not strobist shots. Neither are images taken with on-camera flash."  - Will Nickelson

Our photography club wanted to learn about lights and strobes. We invited Southlight Photography which was led by Mikee Nazareno. We've learned so much from him. He taught us different styles of lighting, he also showed us the different kinds of accessories used in strobes photography like the beauty dish, umbrella, snoot, ring flash, etc. Here are some sample shots I took from the workshop.


Mek said...

cute girl lol

bustedsheet said...

yup she's a very cute and very nice girl. she's the cousin of one of our photography groupmates.